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The following is an extract from the rules and regulations of the Samurai Ju-Jitsu Ryu Malta, also known as Samurai Jitsu Kobudo Ryu Malta All these rules must be followed by the instructors. If an instructor violates any of the following rules, he / she not only loose the qualification of instructor but may render the instructor for an expulsion or suspension from the Association.

  • The instructors must have completed successfully a first aid course.
  • The instructors and senseis must know THE CLUB CODE OF PRACTICE:
  • Special care must be given to the teaching of the young, handicapped or the infirm.
  • No Ju-Jitsuka must be discriminated against on the grounds of race, religion, sex or political persuasion.
  • Dangerous techniques should only be taught at the discretion of a registered Instructor and under his supervision.
  • Techniques of resuscitations must not be taught to lower ranks.
  • Licensed, affiliated Dojo members and officers must avoid making irresponsible public statements.
  • Weapon training must be completed under a competent and registered Instructor.
  • Strict discipline must be exercised in all clubs, but this should not be overbearing or humiliating for the student and should not involve excessive force.
  • All fees should not exceed the maximum for class tuition set by the Executive Committee.
  • Overcrowding in classes must be avoided and adequate supervision given.

As it can be seen from the extracts above, being a BLACK BELT does not imply that you are automatically an instructor (always according to Martial Arts' Ethics which the S.J.K.A.M. stresses), but an instructor requires special additional training and, most important of all, he / she must have successfully passed a first-aid examination. These rules make it safer for the students of the S.J.J.A.M. and ensure that proper training sessions take place in the CLUBS of the Association.

N.B.: Note that there are some clubs (that have nothing to do with the SJJAM) stating that Ju-Jitsu is taught to their members. These clubs are usually run by people who after training for few months within the SJJAM, decided to leave the Association, appoint themselves as instructors or senseis, and opened their own club, inflicting more damage ( both moral and physical ) to the poor student who joins these clubs, rather than teaching him / her the Art of Ju-Jitsu.

So if anyone has decided to join any Ju-Jitsu club, make sure that you make a find out about the club and its instructors first of all, or to avoid complications, make sure that they are registered with the Samurai Jitsu Kobudo Ryu Malta.




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